Best 4-Cycle Weed Eater

There are some places of your lawn that cannot be mowed using a traditional lawn mower. For such situations, it is preferred to use a gas weed eater or a string trimmer to do the job quickly and efficiently. A modern as well as more efficient kind of weed eater is a 4 cycle weed eater which is an improved version of a traditional 2 cycle weed eater.

There are many benefits of using a 4 cycle weed eater as it is capable of delivering more power, has significantly low gas emissions, as well as works more quietly when compared to a 2 cycle weed eater.

In this article, we have discussed about some of the best 4 cycle weed eaters.

What should you look for in a Weed Eater? (Buying Guide)

There are many factors that should be considered before buying a weed eater or string trimmer for your lawn. Here are some of the things that you should keep in mind: –


There are two types of engines that are found in weed eaters – 2 cycle engine and 4 cycle engine.

A 2 cycle engine has slightly more power output but is very inefficient and produces lots of emissions and consumes more gas.

A 4 cycle engine, on the other hand, has a lower fuel consumption and produces very less emissions. They are costlier than 2 cycle engines, but the fuel savings make up for that cost in the long run.

This is why most buyers go for a weed eater with a 4 cycle engine instead of a 2 cycle engine.

Gas vs Electric

Most trimmers that we see in the market are Gas Trimmers which are powered by Gasoline. However, there are electric trimmers available too which run on battery power.

Gas Trimmers are more powerful and    has a minimum of 25 cc of engine capacity. You can also find gas trimmers with up to 31cc of engine capacity.

Electric Trimmers are generally less powerful but are more environment friendly as they produce no gaseous emissions. However, if you opt for an electric trimmer you would have to recharge them after a small period of trimming depending upon the battery capacity.

Cutting Width

Cutting Width is the area that the trimmer covers in a cycle. A higher cutting width equates to more efficiency as the trimmer will be cutting a bigger patch of land in a single cycle.

However, if you want to cover tight spots, you should not opt for a trimmer with an excessively big cutting width. A larger cutting width will also require a longer cutting string at the bump head hence you will have to buy more string in the long run.


The weight of the trimmer is usually ignored while deciding upon a weed eater. However, it is equally important as a heavy weed eater will mean that you will have more trouble lifting it and you won’t be able to cut the lawn for continued periods of time. This is why you should check the weight of the machine before buying a 4-cycle weed eater.

Best 4-Cycle Weed Eater

Now that we know what we should look for in a good 4-Cycle Weed Eater, here are some of the best 4-Cycle Weed Eaters in the market right now.

1. Husqvarna 967055801 324L Gas String Trimmer

Husqvarna 324 Liter gas String Trimmer provides you the powerful performance with the high level of durability and provides you with the experience of the higher level of power along with durability and higher power this machine also provides you the range of best commercial style features. This machine also features a 25cc engine which has got 4 cycle and this 25cc engine powers the 18-inch trimmer head.

The engine of the Husqvarna gas String Trimmer operates on unleaded gas which does not require mixing of gas and oil. The best commercial-style features of this machine include air purge and a heavy-duty bevel gear trimmer head. This machine makes the owners job easy as it provides easy release of the new trimmer line by just tapping the trimmer head against the grass and this will activate the tap ‘N go feature of the machine.


  1. The Husqvarna comes with the feature which removes the air from the carburetor and the fuel system and this feature helps in easy starting of the engine.
  2. This machine comes with smart start feature and the engine and the starter has been designed in such a way that they help the machine starts very quickly and also require minimum effort so doing the same.
  3. This 25 cc engine runs on pure unleaded gasoline and does not require mixing of gases with oil while refueling.
  4. The one the best feature of this gas trimmer is the Tap ‘N Go feature which heavy-duty twin line cutting system and helps to go for quick line feed.
  5. The cutting width of this machine is 18.1 inches and the weight is 11.2 lbs with a tube length of 58.4 inches and the diameter of the tube is 0.9 inches.
  6. The fuel tank is translucent which let you to visually monitor the fuel levels while working.
  7. The power output of this machine is 0.9 hp with maximum power speed of 7000 rpm.
  8. The fuel consumption of the machine is 510 g/kWh and the equivalent vibration level of the front and rear handle are 9.1 m/s2 and 8.2 m/s2.


  • This machine is ideal for heavy tasks as the 25cc engine provide enough horsepower to cut the thickest weeds and longest grass.
  • This 4-stroke engine produces very low vibrations and that eases the pressure on the hands while using the tool.
  • Doesn’t require oil mixing
  • Fast trimming


  • Noisy
  • Needs frequent maintenance
  • Heavyweight
  • Bad for tight spots

2. Ryobi RY4CCS 4-Cycle 30cc Attachment Capable Curved Shaft Gas Trimmer

Ryobi RY4CCS 4-Cycle Weed Eater provides you with reliable power to cut down weeds and performance along with lower emissions and hassle. This is an innovative unit from the company because of numerous reasons, the prominent one is that it has curved shaft.

This Ryobi product can be beneficial in a lot of ways and if you are a frequent Ryobi tool user then you can relate its performance with the other products they launch. Keeping our garden and lawn clean and clear of any sort of weed is a necessity and this product is built for the same.


  • The curved shaft provides the operator with ease to handle the machine and hence the trimming can be carried out with relatively less effort.
  • The 4-Cycle Weed Eater also provides the user with choices for the attachment as it can work all types of outdoor lawn and garden universal attachments.
  • The product also comes with a 3 year warranty period. The machinery is adaptable to different trimming blades and hence user can modify accordingly.
  • This particular model is light weight as compared to the previous models.


  • There is no mixing of oil and gas, hence no hassle.
  • It accepts universal outdoor attachments, so user can switch to any attachment at any time.
  • When it comes to emission, it has got low emission along with powerful 4-cycle engine. This provides sufficient power with higher efficiency.
  • It has got Bump-Feed string head for fast and easy reloading for the user.
  • It has got 17 inch Cut-width along with 0.095 inch Dual line.
  • The design plays an important role as it has got curved shaft which helps a lot in easy maneuvering.


  • It will take time to get used to this product because of the position of oil cap.
  • You need to frequently check for oil availability.
  • The carburetor cannot provide full throttle although it has got good compression.
  • It might not feel light weight as compared to other light-weight trimmers.
  • The leakage of oil due to bad oil cap can be a frequent problem.

3. Troy-Bilt TB575 EC 29cc 4-Cycle 17-Inch Straight Shaft Trimmer

Troy-Bilt TB575 is a straight shaft trimmer which comes with a 29cc engine that provides the constant power with the help from maximum torque generation. It comes with a 4-cycle engine that includes both Spring Assist technology and Jump Start motor to make the start as simple as possible.

Troy-Bilt has a lot of tools in the market which have served well and with this product also, they aim for the same. We have provided the required intel about the product and its operation, so that you can make a judgement.


  1. It comes with a Dual Line Bump Head which makes loading string for your trimmer easy, hence any sort of string detachment will not prove to be of much hinderance.
  2. This machinery is well equipped with 17-inch cutting swath which ensures trimming efficiency.
  3. It has the ability to handle various attachments, which makes it useful in a lot of different ways.
  4. It can be turned into a powerful blower, cultivator, pole saw and much more. All the user is required to do is to get the attachment which is separately sold by the company.
  5. With its straight shaft design, it provides user with greater reach in terms of length.


  • 29cc 4-cycle engine provides more power at lower RPM compared to 2-cycle engine.
  • It produces less noise and does not require oil and gas mixture.
  • The Spring assist drastically reduces effort to start the engine, as it starts with slow and steady pull.
  • It is Electric Start Capable.
  • This model is specifically designed to reach under shrubs and low bushes.
  • It can be turned into a blower, edger and cultivator just by adding the right accessories.
  • Multi-Position Delux D handle reduces vibration and operation fatigue.


  • The dissembling of string hub may prove a lot more challenging if the string segment breaks.
  • The carburetor does not have any screws so, if the machine goes idle one needs to blow the dirt to make it function.
  • Consistent cleaning is required.
  • It requires time to warm up and start. It cannot be started directly.
  • Sudden acceleration may heat up the machine and cause vibration and noise.

4. Honda HHT35SLTAT trimmers/brush cutters

Type HHT35SLTAT  35cc mini 4-stroke engine from Honda runs on unleaded, pure fuel. The new deflector model that can be seen on the trimmer is designed for increased visibility of the operator along with Excellent balance and sound that is ergonomically designed and well placed controls. Designed to take dense brush and tall grass without bogging down. Good low-end torque characteristics make it possible to perform most jobs at partial throttle which in turn results in a better fuel economy. This is a powerful machine which can be used to do most challenging trimming tasks with no extra efforts.


  1. Very efficient 4-Stroke Engine.
  2. An engine which is 35cc.
  3. This device has a 17” semi matic head.
  4. This device comes with a 10″ 50-tooth blade made in Japan along with a neat saw guard.


  • It’s much quieter than the two-stroke one.
  • The trimmer is very well made.
  • It’s got a lot of torque, so you don’t have much to drive it much.
  • User friendly
  • Easy to remove and reattach the trimmer.
  • Powerful machine.


  • A lousy trimmer head.
  • The trimmer head needs a lot of work to restring.

5. Craftsman WS405 straight shaft Weedwacker gas-powered String Trimmer

You can use the CMXGTAMD29SA 4-Cycle Gas-Powered String Trimmer to make the job of cleaning up your yard simple. The powerful 29cc4-cycle gas engine is powerful and creates less noise together with a cutting width of 17 inch to help you cut more grass in less time.

The weedwacker Easy-Winding head feeds a 0.95 inch line that enables you to quickly replenish your cutting head for easy use. The CMXGTAMD29SS is an attachment capable of transforming the device into many other lawn care items (attachments sold separately) with brands including Trimmer Plus and many more. The CMXGTAMD29SA is covered by a 2 year warranty.


  1. The straight design of the shaft makes it easier to trim around bushes and difficult to reach places.
  2. 2-STEP STARTING: Advanced 2-step, fast-start software makes it easy to start and pull.
  3. LESS NOISE AND OPERATOR Exhaustion: quieter multi-position handle engine to reduce noise and exhaustion of the operator.


  • Uses a 4 cycle engine where no gas and oil will mix.
  • Looks pretty and is reliable.
  • Not too heavy like most lawn trimmers.


  • The replacement parts are hard to find.
  • The bump head is tough to remove.


In this article, we looked at five of the best weed eaters with 4-Cycle engines. A 4-Cycle engine is generally better than a 2-Cycle engine as they are more fuel economical and produces less emissions. We also looked over some of the things that you should keep in mind while deciding upon buying a 4-Cycle Weed Eater. You should look over the engine, the fuel type, the cutting width, the weight, and more. We hope that you can now pick and buy a good weed eater that suits your requirements.