How To Become An ASMR Artist

Don’t we all simply love listening to ASMR videos. But have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be a ASMR artist by yourself and gain a rapidly scaling fan base with yourexcellent work. Today we are going to share some tips and tricks of the trade which can help a budding ASMR artist in a brilliant fashion:

  • Finding Your Forte

The broad category of ASMR constitutes of various niches such as no-speaking, role-play, whispering, eating sounds etc. It thus becomes extremely important for you to find your own niche so that your subscribers get to know exactly the kind of content you are working on. This can assist you with better planning of topics as you move forward.

  • Equipment

Contrary to popular belief, it is not always necessary to invest in professional equipment for recording ASMR videos. It can also be done through your smartphone provided you seclude yourself in a quiet environment and know how to play accordingly with the triggers.

  • Video Ideas

If you are out of video ideas, then you seek inspiration from the channels of your peers. You can also list down the topics of your interest as that makes it easier to come up with more content ideas. It also becomes imperative to collect the feedbacks and suggestions of your audience as that can be a great source of future inspiration.

  • Software

Prior to uploading your ASMR video to your channel, it is necessary to edit the same for removing unwanted footage such as a sudden loud noise which might hamper the quality of your otherwise soothing video. While beginners can invest in basic and simple video editors, professionals might require their premium versions for greater work precision.

  • Spreading The Word

You need to give special caution while deciding on the title and description of your video. It needs to include keywords so that audiences can easily find it while searching for relevant content on YouTube. Prospective viewers are bound to feel delighted with your video and recommend the same to their friends and colleagues if they find your content relevant and relaxing. If you are having problem in properly optimizing the title and description of your content, then you can easily take a cue for the top ASMR artists in YouTube. You can also post your video link in various ASMR communities such as Reddit for inviting people to have a look at your video and leave in their comments and feedback. Sharing the same over various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can also be of great help in such a case.

  • Making Money

All ASMR artists do not work for money, some just wish to share good content and help out people in having a great time watching the same. Then again some artists wish to monetize their efforts for upgrading the camera, microphone and other gadgets which can take their final video quality a notch higher. At the end of the day all ASMR artists deserve to be paid for their work and the same can be made possible in the following ways:

  • Accepting donation through Patreon and Paypal account –

Your audience might showcase their love and support for your work by making donations through Paypal or Patreon. This can encourage the content creators to come up with more engaging content which can both delight the viewers and establish a stronger connection with the audience.

  • YouTube Ads

This is one of the most basic ways of earning money through ASMR videos. In stark contrast to the other types of video uploaded over YouTube, the ASMR variants can be replayed and even bookmarked by its viewers. This can help in gaining more views and thus make more money through ads. However frequent advertisements can hamper the end experience of your views with loud and distracting noise which might not be very favourable in the gentle and low-whispering ASMR environment.

  • Selling Content On Spotify or iTunes

If you already have a loyal fan base and are pretty confident about your content, then you can put up the same for sale over platforms such as Spotify or iTunes.