How To Make An ASMR Video

ASMR is slowly gaining popularity on a global scale for being used as a pivotal relaxation and sleep inducing technique. Instances are not rare when ASMR viewers take it upon themselves to create content after getting deeply influenced by the videos. Others might make videos if they have a particular trigger and cannot find adequate content pertaining to that specific sound. Whatever be the reason, starting out with an ASMR channel can definitely be termed as a wonderful experience as well as great way of establishing connectivity with others having similar concerns.

However, starting with your very own channel is anything but easy. This holds especially true as the market is filled with content providers each using specialized equipment and having advanced editing skills to deliver top-notch content. Another thing you need to remember in this regard is that the ASMR experts who you follow and wish to be like, have been running their channels for quite some time now and have slowly grown their skillset. At the end of the day, ASMR is more about creating and delivering content in a unique and appealing manner rather than investing mindlessly on expensive gadgets. Today we will share a few pointers which can be of great help for budding artists who are trying to start out with their very own ASMR channels:

  • If you wish to start with a ASMR channel from today, then your quality of equipment should not restrict your flow. Even when you do not have an expensive camera, you can bank on your smartphone for recording content along with a microphone.
  • Acoustics and location has a key role to play in determining the quality of your ASMR videos. You can drastically enhance the quality of even the cheapest mic by filming it at the right place and time. Surrounding a room having carpeted floor with blankets can radically improve the audio quality by cutting down all forms of background noise, white noise and echo. However, it is imperative to note here than subtle white noise can bring about a tingle inducing sensation serving as a great option for accentuating your video quality.
  • The video made by you needs to be based on your points of interests and favorite triggers. You are bound to ooze out confidence in each step if you believe in what you are doing and enjoy the entire process.
  • Putting yourself ahead of the camera can seem pretty daunting. So, don’t strain yourself and give it time to adapt to this entirely new journey. Just try to be confident and authentic as this is the only way in which you can attract more people for subscribing to your videos.
  • ASMR artists are slow speakers as it gets easier to comprehend what someone is saying when they do the same in a soft and calm manner. Speaking in a composed manner can be pretty therapeutic both for the ASMR artist as well as his viewers.
  • Now that you are done with the video, you will be required to edit the same. You can either upload it on YouTube and opt for the built-in editor or proceed with a designated software to make your video seem smoother. While Windows has Movie Maker, Mac has iMovie which can suffice the requirements of amateur ASMR artists.

Bottom Line

You might stumble across a number of negative comments while trying to make your mark as an ASMR artist. But the key here is to maintain a positive attitude both towards life and the work you are doing.