How To Record ASMR

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response or ASMR refers to a physical sensation beginning in the crown of the head and slowly working its way down through your spine and limbs. People have often described this feeling to be similar to tingles and are stimulated by certain sounds, watching someone perform a task, listening to a soft voice or by receiving personal attention.

This is the main reason behind the rhetoric popularity of ASMR video which can be found in plenty over YouTube and similar portals for triggering a relaxing sensation. ASMR videos have come a long way since its inception back in 2009 and has even developed a huge worldwide community. Viewers have accredited the ASMR videos for helping them in overcoming anxiety, insomnia, depression, PTSD, pain management, general relaxation and focus meditation. Today we are going to discuss in brief about how to record ASMR in the right manner:

  • Starting Out With Non Original Content

If you wish to develop a small audience base, then you can start out by choosing a topic which is trending on social platforms and has already been attempted by various other ASMR artists. Doctor role-play and cranial nerve exam are some highly popular categories which you can work on. It gets difficult to reach a wider audience base with original content especially while starting out with your channel. This can make your efforts feel wasted and that is why you should always place a safe bet with the tried and tested videos.

  • Don’t Splurge Unnecessarily On Premium Gadgets

It is not always necessary to replace your existing equipment with costlier ones while starting out with ASMR videos. And if you are hell-bent on buying a new mic, then it’s not always required to buy the most expensive model. Even a reasonably priced one packed with adequate features can cater to your requirements.

  • Be Gentle & Slow

In the world of ASMR, being slow can always win you brownie points. Although you can engage in various activities such as fast tapping, you shouldn’t be too loud, fast or careless as that can ultimately hamper your image.

  • Concentrate On Details

Rather than just grabbing a random object and tapping on the same, you should focus on its intricate details. Finding new sounds can seem more natural to people and you can do the same by devoting enough time for research in your spare-time. Try to find the sound which comes off as the most soothing and mix it up with other items for a superb end result.

  • Don’t Ponder Too Much Over A Particular Topic

ASMR artists often fall short of creativity while trying to come up with new and engaging contents on a daily basis. In such a case, you can take a cue from real life events which can also hike up your originality meter to a great extent.

  • Be Confident

ASMR artists usually receive tonnes of video requests on a weekly basis. However, you should never force yourself to do something which can make you feel uncomfortable. If you are not yet prepared to show your face on camera, discuss about certain sensitive topics or engage in role-play, then give yourself time to get accustomed to the same. It is impossible to attain the desired level of user satisfaction by pushing yourself to something.

  • Be Interactive

In many cases the people who seek out ASMR videos are the ones suffering from mental health issues such as anxieties and insomnia. This is why it becomes imperative to interact with them for keeping that personal touch. This can make your subscribers feel loved and cared for.

  • Film The Videos At Night

Night time is best for making ASMR videos as you can expect lesser distractions both indoors and outdoors. You can also concentrate more on the end result as you do not have to worry about conducting the rest of your daily chores.