How to Use A Nailer

The sheer versatility of a nailer have led to its usage in an array of projects which would otherwise require a hammer and nail.

This becomes all the more necessary while undertaking bigger projects like house framing as well as installation of or addition to your existing fencing.

In this case, an air gun can drastically cut down time while increasing the level of stability and consistency.


In most cases, these powerful tools are operated through the means of gas, compressed air as well as electricity.

Today we are going to discuss about the means of using the nail gun to enhance its productivity up to the optimal level but first we are going to take a look at the most basic components of a nailer.

  • Safety tip which retracts into the gun on being pressed against the work surface.
  • Magazine to hold all the nails in place.
  • Jam release latch for releasing nails if the device gets jammed by chance.
  • Magazine release allowing the removal and replacement of empty magazine.
  • Trigger switch for firing the nail gun.

Means Of Loading The Nailer

Nails can be of strip or coil style which again has a significant role to play in determining its loading style.

  • Strip Style Nailers
  • First you will have to ensure adequate safety parameters by turning off the nailer and cutting off its power to prevent any accident.
  • You need to ensure the correct nail gauge and length pertaining to the nailer you are using. It is not advisable to mix and match nails of different guns as that might hinder the optimum functionality of your nailer. The accompanying user manual should be read in advance for avoiding all chances of accidental discharge.
  • The nails will next have to be placed in the magazine notch for being lined up correctly. They should also be pointed in the right direction especially on being angled so that nothing obstructs the track.
  • The gun has to be held in an upside-down manner while pressing the spring button using the force of gravity. This will help the nails in correctly setting into the magazine so that they can be easily loaded for firing.
  • On completion of the previous step you will hear a clicking sound which indicates that the nailer has been locked in for usage. You can open the magazine in case of doubts to ensure the proper placement of nails.
  • Coil Style Nailer
  • Just like the strip style ones, you will have to primarily ensure that the coil style nailer has been disconnected from power source for avoiding chances of mishaps.
  • The nail coil used by you needs to have correct gauge and length. This becomes all the more necessary in the case of soiled nails as they tend to get jammed pretty easily if they are not of the correct size or brand.
  • The compartment meant for coiled nails is kept securely closed through a latch. You can fit in your nails by unlatching the compartment.
  • Now you will have to remove the rubber band from the nails without removing them from the coil and finally secure it inside the compartment while pointing at the correct direction.
  • The end of your coil should be fed into the discharge chamber with proper caution. It is advisable to read the instruction manual properly before doing the same.
  • Now you will have to secure it all in place by closing the compartment latch.

Bottom Line

Now that you have learnt how to load the nailer, all you will need is a pair of safety glasses before beginning with your nailing activity in style.