Tips for growing lemon in the garden or indoor

Lemons are one of the most useful product not just for the household but can also be used in a lot of cosmetic products, many of us wish to grow lemons at our place, but we don’t know the process correctly. Well, growing lemon trees is not that difficult if you provide them with the basic things they need for their growth.

How to growa lemon tree

Lemon trees are susceptible, and thus they need to be planted at the south side of your home. Citrus trees are usually cold-sensitive, but lemon trees are the most sensitive one, and therefore they need protection from the frost.The basic need for a lemon tree is sunlight.The lemon tree requires adequate sunlight for proper growth, and without that, it is impossible to grow a lemon tree.

Adjust in variety of soils

The best part of growing a lemon tree is that you don’t need to worry about the kind of land as it can easily tolerate a variety of soils, including poor soil as well. The preferable soil to grow a lemon tree is well-drained and slightly acidic earth.

Proper place

The lemon tree needs to be placed at an appropriate height for growth. It has been slightly higher than the ground at least. Thus while planting a lemon tree one must dig a hole which is at least shallower than the root ball of the Plant and then place the Plant in it.

Water as much as you can

The lemon tree requires a lot of moisture to grow, and thus you need to add as much water as you can time to time. Do not forget to water your lemon tree deeply at least once in a week as it is essential. You can also keep on doing pruning to maintain the shape and height of the tree and make them look good.

Lemons are the best house plants

You can even grow lemon trees inside the house as it can also grow in a container;it’s just that the box must have proper drainage and space for the tree to grow.If you are building a lemon tree inside your house, the height of the tree will usually be 3 to 5 feet.

You must keep in mind, even if you are trying to grow a lemon tree inside your house, you should see that the soil inside the container is adequately fertilized and moist.

Light requirements

The lemon tree needs a lot of light all around to grow, and thus during winters, one needs to put up fluorescent grow lights to fulfil the need of view for a lemon tree.

Advised to expose to warm temperature

It is suggested to out your indoor lemon tree out for sometimes when the heat is warm, usually during summers so that it can increase the chances of the tree to bear fruit.

Benefits of growing tree in indoors

You can save your lemon tree from getting spoiled and pollinated by the bees and the insects.

Lemon tree cultivation

Usually, people go and purchase plants from the nursery to grow them, but it is found that we can also propagate a lemon tree through seeds and cuttings. Though we cannot ensure that which method will suit the best as it all depends on the quality of the lemon used and this gives different results to different people. So you must try and find out which method works best for you.

According to the majority of the people, it is easy to grow lemon by rooting large cuttings of the lemons inside it.

Growing Plant from seeds

In case you are thinking of becoming a lemon tree from the seeds, you must allow the seeds to dry for a week or two and then sow them.You must use the potting soil and plant the seeds at least one inch deep in the ground and then cover it with a plastic wrap.You should then keep the pot inside your place at a sunny location and then wait for a few weeks. Once your Plant is grown at least six to twelve inches, then you can place it outdoors or may transplant it to any other pot.

These were the best ways and tips to grow a lemon tree at your place is it outdoor or indoor.

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