Using Neem Oil Insecticide in the Garden

Neem oil is a beneficial product and can be used for various purposes. Even in gardening, neem oil is a useful product, and it is safe and can easily control insects and also the diseases in pests in the plants of our lawn and garden. More and more people are becoming aware of it now, and they are using it for their yards, even professional gardeners use the same product to prevent the plants from insects that destroy them.

What is Neem Oil?

Neem oil is produced by seeds and the leaves of the neem tree, and it has been years that we are using neem as the natural pesticide for our plants and gardens and also for various daily products we use at our homes such as cosmetics, toothpaste, dog shampoo, and even soaps.

Neem is a plant that also possesses various medicinal properties, and it can be used to strengthen the immune system, detoxifying the blood and also to improve liver function.

As you can see, there are various benefits of neem oil, and this is the reason it is known for being a very safe product in every sense.

How to Use Neem Oil in the garden?

  1. Natural Pesticide

As we all know neem is a natural product that is not at all harmful to any plant or species while the other synthetic pesticides usually leave the toxic residue behind which harms the pets and animals in the surrounding area. Neem is entirely biodegradable and non-toxic and also safe for the birds, pets, and wildlife around the plants when we use it.

  1. Organic and Biodegradable

As the neem oil is extracted out of the neem tree very organically, this makes the product biodegradable. Neem oil contains various active chemical, but it all depends on how it is processed.

  1. Neem oil does not create “Death Zones.”

This is the best property of neem oil that it does not create a death zone for the animals around the plants and keeps them safe. The only target of the neem oil is the insects that are sucking or chewing the leaves.

  1. Neem oil can be used to control insects at all stages of development

Be it any stage of development, adult, larvae or egg, one can use neem tree oil to kill the insects as there is an active chemical present in the neem oil by which one can get rid of the insects which are harming the plant in various ways such as an antifeedant, a hormone disruptor or by smothering.

  1. Effective in controlling hundreds of insects

Neem oil is capable of working upon more than 200 species which include Scale, Aphids, Whiteflies, Thrips, Caterpillars and many more.

  1. Effective at controlling Nematodes

Nematodes are the insects that are destructive and can completely spoil the plants. They are even more challenging to manage. Neem oil has the properties to prevent the plants from Nematodes as there are certain extracts from the neem kernels which provide very effective control over the root-knot nematodes.

  1. Beneficial Earthworms won’t be harmed

All the traditional pesticides which includes chemicals not only kills the destructive insects but also harms the other microorganisms such as earthworms which are beneficial for the garden soil as they create pathways through the ground and thus allows the rainwater and the air to reach the root of the plants and not just that, even after they die, they help to fertilize and keeps the soil moist.

  1. Helps to control Lawn Grubs

When the Japanese beetles are in the larval stage, they are called lawn grubs and these organisms can be very destructive to the garden as they nibble on the grassroots by going under the turf. Neem oil can stop the activity of the grubs by preventing them from laying eggs.

  1. Neem Cakes

An Organic product is produced by cold pressing of the neem fruit and kernels which is known as the neem cake, and it is an exceptional product because it is not just a pesticide but also a fertilizer. Neem cakes are very helpful in fertilizing the soil and also very effective in controlling the nematodes and other harmful microorganisms.

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