What Is A Marine Carpet

This carpeting product has been designed specifically for being used in marine applications be it gangways, docks and similar marine facilities apart from the decks of boats. The flexible backing of this form of carpeting allows installers to guarantee that it adheres to the installation surface without slipping or bunching. Ultraviolet radiation resistant products usually go into the construction of a marine carpet to buffer it from getting damaged or fading out as a result of regular sun exposure. A high-grade marine carpet can also resist mildew and mold which is very common in wet environments prevalent in docks.

Marine environments also tend to get pretty slippery which makes traction an essential point of concern for all the marine carpet designers. It becomes easy to walk over the marine carpet without worrying about falling down while walking. The marine carpets are also extremely easy to clean. All you need to do is spray it down whenever it gets dirty.

You can also install these carpets in various marine environments coupled with its stellar durability and toughness which is ideal for being used in environments which tend to get messy. The marine carpets are available in a diverse range of colors and patterns for matching with your specific design requirements. In many cases, manufacturers also fabricate custom patterns or colors in accordance with the request of customers.

Safety and hygiene concerns lead to shorter pile of marine carpets. Customers can also request for a sample of the marine carpet from its manufacturer for having a clear idea about its texture prior to making the purchase. Customers are also advised to inform the manufacturers about the place where they are willing to install the carpets for benefitting out of best recommendations.

Marine carpets are manufactured by harnessing the latest needle punch technology which imparts high level of durability and longevity to the end products. The raw fibres which go into its construction also ensure its environment friendly nature. Some of the most common places of using marine carpet are as follows:

  • Domestic use in garages, gyms, rumpus rooms, sun rooms, pergolas, patios, shed, entrance matting, ramps etc.
  • Commercial use in offices, retail shops, stair wells, exhibition, displays, temporary flooring etc.
  • Marine setups such as pleasure and commercial boats, hull and wall lining, pontoons and jetties.

The marine carpets are usually manufactured using solution dyed polypropylene fiber which imparts a stain resistant finish to the same to keep it looking as good as new for years. The market is filled with marine carpets available in a variety of dark and bright colors like grey, blue, brown, green, mauve, beige, rose and red. They are also available in various finishes like smooth, ribbed and diagonal criss cross. They usually have a thickness level ranging from 3.3-7.5mm and also feel pretty smooth to touch.