What Is A Social Weather Station?

Social Weather station refers to a type of device collecting data pertaining to the surrounding environment coupled with an array of sensors.

They have also gained popularity by the names of personal weather stations, weather centers, home weather station, professional weather station and weather forecasters.


In most cases, a weather station comprises of the following instruments all of which come together to predict accurate results time and again:

  • Thermometerfor measuring temperature
  • Barometerfor measuring barometric pressure
  • Hygrometerfor measuring humidity
  • Anemometerfor measuring wind speed
  • Wind vanefor measuring wind direction
  • Rain gaugefor measuring precipitation

In many cases, automated weather stations also comprise of a data logger which records all the measurements from various devices and transfers it to a computer or uploads it over a web platform for easing out the research process. Some unique features of a social weather station are as follows:

  • They are designed in a unique manner to protect certain instruments while exposing the others to harsh environmental elements. A thermometer for example is kept dry at all times whereas a rain gauge is allowed to get wet.
  • Weather stations are gaining record popularity for being used aboard buoys thus replacing weather ships as they come with a much more affordable price tag. The social weather stations can be fixed on both drifting as well as stationary buoys.
  • Home weather station owners can get their instrument registered in an online portal for sending their collected data to a central platform even without their interference.