What Is Binaural ASMR

Binaural ASMR can be described as the unique method of sound recording which makes use of dual microphones which are specifically arranged in such a manner which can create the sensation of 3-D stereo sound for the listener. You will instantly be transported to the source of the music and feel the drums beating and vocalists singing right into your eardrums.

The dummy head recording technique is used to create the Binaural ASMR effect wherein the head of a mannequin is fitted with a microphone in its each ear. This assists with the recording and simulation process. It is advisable to use headphones for making the most out of binaural recording as it is not much compatible with normal stereo speakers.The main idea of this “internal” or three-dimensional form of sound has also gained ready acceptance in various technological advancements like IMAX movies creating a three-dimensional acoustic experience and stethoscopes creating “in-head” acoustics.

Binaural microphone is used for recording content which is played over a multi-channel speaker set-up. The mic or binaural head therefore makes a recording of how the multi-channel content shall be heard by humans. While recording a soundtrack for a film, all the environmental cues pertaining to a given location along with reverberations are used. This method is ideal for producing a convincing 3D sound.

After recording, the binaural sound can be enjoyed through headphones. It is not compatible with monoplayback or with loudspeaker units as the channel separation gets distorted by the acoustics of the arrangement via natural crosstalk. All forms of headphones which provide sufficient left and right channel isolation can be used for enjoying the immersive effects of binaural ASMR.

Various complications pertain to the playback of binaural recordings through headphones. The microphone which is placed at the entrance of the ear channel has a certain frequency spectrum which might be drastically different from the one which gets picked up by your free-standing mic.

Some premium category manufacturers have even come up with mics which have been specifically designed for binaural playback. The main reason behind this is poor externalization of normal headphones especially when they block the ear from outside. Open-ear mics are comparatively better as the drivers are located ahead of the pinnae and the ear canal is connected to the air. In the case of headphones completely blocking the ear canal, the impedance noticed to the outside from the eardrum gets altered thus adversely affecting externalization.